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BMI Table and BMI Chart

The BMI Table on this page allows you to chart your Body Mass Index (BMI) score, one measure of whether you are at the optimum weight for your height. You can look up your height and weight in the BMI table. If you would like to calculate your Body Mass Index by entering your weight and height (in kilos and metres or pounds and inches) please try our automatic BMI calculator. Elsewhere on Fit and Trim please also check out our recommended calorie intake and calorie counting resources for how many calories in common foods.

BMI Table - Imperial:

How to read the BMI table / BMI chart:
Look up your height on the left hand side. Then go along that row to the right until you come across your weight in pounds. Remember, there are 14 pounds in a stone. Once you've found that number, look at the top of that column to find your BMI score. Then scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what your score means.

What does my Body Mass Index or BMI score mean?

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Body Mass Index - BMI Table and BMI Chart