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Bacon Calorie and Nutrition Information

How many calories are there in the foods we eat every day? What's their nutritional value? How much of the essential vitamins and minerals can be found in each food? How much fat is there in the food you are eating? And how much sugar increasing the calories? In these pages we provide essential food facts, calorie counters and nutritional information like calories in food and vitamin content.

Bacon calories / how many calories in bacon?

100 grams (uncooked weight) of typical bacon contains 458 calories / 458 kcal

Other nutritional information for bacon (per 100 grams uncooked weight):

Selenium:20.2 microgram
Vitamin C:0mg

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Bacon Calorie and Nutrition Information

Bacon calories: bacon, like all natural food products, contains a number of calories or kilojoules that varies around a mean calorie count. People who want to lose weight and diet often ask us how many calories there are in bacon or other foods, we know the number of calories in bacon, but calories are not the only diet issue when trying to lose weight by counting bacon calories and other foods like bacon. We also think you should consider bacon's nutritional value, that's why we include bacon nutrition information on carbohydrate, sugar and fat in bacon, and the vitamins and minerals in bacon.